Watching Star Wars IV with my 6 year old.

She is wearing her Princess Leia dress and telling me what is going to happen before it happens.

To: Family & Friends

Date: May 25, 2015

Subject: Treatment Update

This was originally an email written to my family and friends on the date above. I decided to make these public in the event they may be helpful to someone in the future who is embarking on a similar journey to mine.

Hi Everyone,

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve sent an update, but happily that is because there hasn’t been much to report. I am still on the same clinical trial, and had a scan a month back that showed some tumor growth and some tumor shrinkage – this is what they refer to as “stable disease”. I’m still tolerating the treatment pretty well.

That said, my doctor is a little concerned about some growth we’re seeing in one of my lymph nodes and we’re starting to take steps towards a different treatment so that we’re prepared in the event that my next scan shows more tumor growth than we’re comfortable with.

So that’s pretty much where things are.

I’m having good days and bad days. It’s harder for me to do physical things – probably no golf for me in the foreseeable future, and even long walks can be a challenge. However, I’ve been able to focus enough on my good days to tinker a bit on the computer and make some progress building a web app I’ve wanted to create for a while.

I’m also enjoying spending time with the family, and am looking forward to some trips to visit family in Seattle and Minnesota this summer. Caitlin and I are reading quite a bit together, and she’s getting better and better at reading things for herself.

I’ll let you all know if/when things change with my treatment.

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iMessage feature request: show the recipient’s current time. I’d like to avoid buzzing a friend’s phone in the middle of the night when they are (unbeknownst to me) traveling in Europe.

Both East and West NBA Conference Finals are between the #1 (Golden State, Atlanta) and #2 (Houston, Cleveland) seeds. Chalk!

Disable Submit Button After a Form is Submitted

Once a user has submitted a form, you generally don’t want them to submit it a second time.1 A nice way to handle this is to disable the submit button once the form has been submitted, while replacing the text in the submit button with a message to let the user know that their desired action has been taken.

Here is a little code that will disable the submit button and display that nice message:

View the code on Gist.

And here is a JS Fiddle to play around with.

Set the message to display by setting a data attribute on the submit button. If the data attribute isn’t set, we don’t do anything. This is a good safeguard against unexpected functionality, but if you want to disable the button for all forms anyway you can do so with a little code tweak.

  1. Some folks insist on double-clicking on the web. 

Tom Brady talking “Deflategate” in front of a background touting #flexball – you can’t make this stuff up.


We’ve Made Web Development Complicated

When I first made my transition from front-end development into back-end development in ~2002, I had two things to learn: a server-side language how to talk to a database (SQL) on top of my knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With these five basic things, I was able to build some useful stuff. I’m working…

Re-structuring CSS and JS files so that external libraries and override files flow cleanly through Gulp.

Sorry ladies, I’m taken.

NBA announcers, do we have players that can really “score the football” on the basketball court? Do we need the “basketball” distinction?

Sane Laravel 5 Mail Example

For some reason, the example code in the Laravel docs for their Mail feature neglect to show how to pass defined variables into the closure. Here is something a little more useful. View the code on Gist.

Seven Days With a Macbook →

I agree with many of Steve’s points here, but I’ve had much better luck with my battery life. I’m getting 7-8+ hours easily on a charge – perhaps because he got the special order 1.3GHz model while I schlump along with the 1.2 model.

My MacBook Pro is now my desk machine and I use it for my photography workflow. Just about everything else is done on my MacBook. I really like this little guy.

Eric Flying Quadcopters

This is a great video of my friend Eric showing off some of the latest DJI kit. I haven’t been following the drone stuff too closely, so this gave me a better idea of what he’s been up to. Nice work, Eric!