Recommended: seeing Garth Brooks in concert. I was thoroughly impressed by the energy he and his bandmates of 20+ years brought to the show.

The gas station near my house recently replaced all their pumps. The new ones have these wonderful physical buttons (like an old school telephone). It’s a joy to use – physical buttons FTW!

Physical Buttons

In Praise of BackupBuddy

I’m thrilled with my new hosting set-up for this site, however WebFaction doesn’t offer daily backups. I knew could spend the time to write a little script to export my database and pass it along to another storage location, but then I thought of BackupBuddy from iThemes.

5 minutes later I had BackupBuddy installed, with a nightly job configured to do a full export of my database and store the last 10 days of backups in my Dropbox account.

Sure, I could have written the code to do this myself. It’s always tempting to do-it-yourself when you know you can do something. The key is to ask yourself if you should do something. It would have taken much more than 5 minutes to get even a simple backup script written and configured; and I definitely wouldn’t have had the storage and and automation options that BackupBuddy provides out of the box.

If you need hassle-free backups for your self-hosted WordPress site1, give BackupBuddy a try.

  1. If you have a website, please make sure you have an automated backup system, and that you’ve tested your backups to make sure they actually work. 

Sustainable Software and Customer Support

I’ve been having trouble with Dropbox on my laptop. No matter what I do (reboot, pause and resume, etc.), it keeps syncing away saying “20 files remaining”. The process continually eats CPU which destroys my battery life and constantly makes my machine hot. I finally dropped a note to Dropbox support to see if they…

Hosted on WebFaction

This site is now hosted on WebFaction1 (if you’re seeing this post, you’re on the new server). Hooray for DNS propogation! WebFaction was one of the hosts recommended to me. I tested it and a handful of other hosts today, going through the account creation process, the process of setting up multiple sites and databases,…

Nightly Charging Means No Sleep Tracking

As I plugged in my Garmin VivoSmart this morning for a couple of hours to give it its week-long plus battery cycle it occurred to me: if I had to take this off every night to charge it I wouldn’t be able to track my sleep the way I do now.  Something to think about…

Hosting Recommendation?

I need to transfer my sites to a new web host. Having been out of the web hosting shopping arena for some time now, I could use a little advice. My main traffic site is this one (~30-40k pageviews/month) which is a WordPress powered site. I also have several other PHP apps installed on this…

Web developers that prevent1 pasting into password fields can die in a fire.

  1. For normal people that don’t hack the DOM using the inspector.