Flight from ORD to PWM for Monktoberfest cancelled. Called United, rebooked, checked in, and got boarding pass via email in 5 min. #kudos

Confusing email from @instapaper about something called Instapaper Premium. Not sure if I need it, what it is, or what I get if I sign up.

Current status: copying ~20,000 photos (dating back to 1999) to my new iPhone.

I’d love a good iOS photo metadata search app.

After 10 years of living here I’m finally able to get cable internet access to the house (non-Comcast too!). Installation on Monday!

Confused by the Apple Watch

I’ve been somewhat excited about smartwatches this year. I picked up a Pebble which I liked; but the function provided fails to outweigh its form. I followed the Android Wear announcements and nothing seemed compelling. Too big, too little battery life, too many features I don’t care about conspiring to result in a price tag…

Best/reasonable in-ear headphones with mic (primarily for actually making phone calls)?

“Wish we could say more”

I’m looking forward to seeing my new phone and the wearable at today’s Apple event. The invite includes the tagline: Wish we could say more I’ve seen speculation that this refers to Siri, which could definitely make sense in the context of a wearable and what we’ve seen from Android. However, I’m going to guess…

OH: I never put all my eggs in one basket. That’s why they call me “Two-basket Johnson”.