More photos dev…

I spent some time this evening catching up on entering photos in my own database. During this time, I also added a couple of small features and tweaks. For example (if you are running photos locally) you can now select a photo in the folder you want to add using the file browse control and I will add all photos in that folders. I also added a couple of little things like setting focus to fields, etc. I think the app feels really nice to use now.

I’ve fixed a couple of bugs (5 I think) and built in a :scare: Configuration Check :/scare: into the app itself instead of using the separate ‘run_me_first.php’ page that no one seemed to run (and didn’t check everything anyway). In photos 3.5b2 (look for it Monday) if you don’t have your permissions right and the gd extension enabled in your PHP install, you’ll be shown a message that tells you exactly which configuration steps failed. You will have to correct the problems before you can use the app. I hope this will help people get everything set up and reduce some of the frustration I am reading from people who are "trying to use it, but I get this error…"

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