Canon G10 vs S95 Quick Comparison

A few quick notes on my transition from the G10 to the S95:

  • Size matters. I’ve had the S95 with me most of the time since I got it and that wasn’t the case with the G10 (mainly due to size). This is the primary feature I was looking for in the S95.
  • Using the lens ring to set the ISO and the custom button to lock the exposure gives me just about the same set of controls with the S95 that I enjoyed with the G10.
  • I like having HD video capability with the S95. I don’t do video that often, but it’s quite nice to have.
  • Battery life isn’t even close to the same. With the G10 I would charge it once every 1-2 months(!), and I need to charge the S95 after a couple of weeks. I didn’t bother to carry the G10 charger with me on trips, I don’t think I’ll have that luxury with the S95.
  • The feel of the S95 really don’t compare to the feel of the G10. The G10 felt like a “real” camera where the S95, even with all it’s great features, feels like a point and shoot. Maybe I need to tweak what I’m showing in the display while shooting a bit.
  • Not sure I’m using the HDR mode on the S95 right, my limited experiments so far with it are not impressive.

I don’t regret making the switch. I have my SLR for the times I need a “real” camera and the G10 ultimately was in a no-man’s land for me. Not a fast enough lens to replace the SLR (especially for indoor, low light situations) and too big to be a “with you at all times” camera. The combination of the S95 with the SLR seems to be a much better fit.