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  1. Prepared


    I’m all set for today’s Crowd Favorite cookie exchange. They are molasses ginger cookies. The recipe is courtesy of my parents’ next door neighbor, who is still going strong at 93 years old. I remember these fondly from my childhood.

  2. Define the Problem Instead of Suggesting a Solution

    Life lesson from running a digital agency: When asking for help, focus your efforts on defining the problem instead of suggesting a solution. The person you’re asking for help from may have solutions you’ve never considered. If my recent experience is any measure, it works equally well when asking a hotel concierge for help getting…

  3. Your Team is Your Product

    I read with interest the path that Peter took in learning about a SAAS business vs. his consulting business. Having experience in both types of businesses there wasn’t too much that was unexpected for me here, but reading a well thought out exploration of a situation is often results in clarifying ideas for me. In…

  4. You Can’t Avoid Talking About Money

    I read this article in A List Apart with interest. Value based pricing vs. time and materials billing a topic that sparked a passionate conversation at OwnerCamp a few months back, and it’s one that I’ve been thinking a good deal about on my own as well. At a certain budget size, I think the…

  5. WordPress 3.6 Contributor T-shirts

    WP 3.6 Contributor

    I distributed t-shirts to the members of my team that got patches in for WordPress 3.6 in our monthly team meeting today. We do this for each major release to encourage involvement in the community and to help continually build a better WordPress.

  6. Entropy Crushers →

    I’ve spoken to a lot of people about team growth and scaling recently. So far I’m content with limiting our growth and continuing to allow each team member to have a great deal of responsibility and autonomy. That said, we do have roles (such as Project Manager) that loosely defines each person’s primary area of responsibility.

  7. RAMP 1.2 and a RAMP Post ID Meta Conversion Plugin

    We released an update to RAMP yesterday to address a compatibility issue introduced in WordPress 3.5.2 as well as adding support for the post locking feature that will be arriving in WordPress 3.6 and addressing a few other issues. This is a recommended upgrade for all customers. We also released the RAMP Post ID Meta…

  8. Capsule 1.1


    I’m very pleased to announce the release of Capsule v1.1 (and Capsule Server v1.1). In this release we added some pretty handy features along with addressing the usual array of 1.0-related issues. The download and an online demo are available on the Crowd Favorite website. Some of the highlights in the new version include: A…

  9. Awesome Web App/UI Designer Wanted (Contract)

    My team and I are building a new web application and are looking to collaborate with a UI designer to help us bring it to life. You understand that a great application is one that delights the user with its elegance and ease of use. You have reasons for your decisions and enjoy the opportunity…

  10. Backflip Studios

    Backflip Studios

    Crowd Favorite recently helped Backflip Studios launch a great new WordPress-powered website. Backflip makes mobile games, and they have awesome artwork. It’s always a treat to work with beautiful content. This was a pretty straight-forward WordPress CMS site. We created a custom post type for their games so they can easily manage them (and add…

  11. Social 2.7

    Just in time for the holidays I am very pleased to report we have a new version of Social for you (compliments of our good friends at MailChimp and my team at Crowd Favorite). This release as a few changes of note: Points to a new Social proxy URL. The old one will stop working…

  12. Take RAMP for a Spin

    RAMP demo

    We recently added the ability to take RAMP for a test drive before you buy. On the RAMP page, click that “Demo” button to sign up and we’ll set up both a staging and production WordPress site for you – with RAMP installed and configured on both sites. You can log in, create and upload…