Interviews Archives

  1. Squadcast Interview

    I took part in a brief Squadcast interview that was published yesterday. We talked about WordPress, particularly plugins. The podcast is mercifully short, hopefully it is also interesting. Thanks to the Squadcast team for having me on.

  2. RandomBits Podcast Interview

    Sara Smith interviewed me for a RandomBits Podcast. She asks some good questions, I hope my answers are interesting. The discussion includes a variety of things, including: WordPress Crowd Favorite ShareThis MyFreeBusy

  3. I’ve Been Interviewed at Bloggertalks

    Over the last few weeks, I’ve engaged in an e-mail interview with Thord Daniel Hedengren of Bloggertalks. That interview has been posted on Bloggertalks. Thord asked some good questions, I hope my responses are interesting. This post is part of the project: Share Icon. View the project timeline for more context on this post.

  4. TalkCrunch

    I took part in a feed reader roundtable conversation for a TalkCrunch podcast today. It should be available tomorrow evening or soon thereafter. This was my first podcast, I think I probably stumbled on my words more than you’re supposed to – oh well. This post is part of the project: FeedLounge. View the project…