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  1. Whether to delegate →

    This post outlines a few gems I wish I’d had learned years ago. One of the things I’m most excited about in my shift to CTO at Crowd Favorite is reducing the cognitive load that managing hiring, HR, benefits, paying bills, etc. take on my productivity.

    (thanks Michael)

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  2. Twitter Tools v3.1 →

    Yay, an update to Twitter Tools! This should fix the “not auto-updating since upgrading Social to version 2.10 (or 2.11)” problem and adds a couple little goodies.

    I’m primarily posting these types of updates over on the Crowd Favorite blog now, so be sure to subscribe over there. You can also or follow Crowd Favorite on Twitter or Like us on Facebook to get updates.

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  3. Will 2014 Be the Year of WordPress Tuck-ins and Roll-ups? →

    Most WordPress businesses are very young (Crowd Favorite was one of, if not the first in 2007). As these businesses mature and realize what is needed of them to take the next steps, consolidation often looks like a saner route than continuing to build. Especially for technical founders that aren’t as interested in managing the necessary business infrastructure (I count myself in this group).

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  4. JSON REST API: Version 0.8 →

    I’ve already got ideas for stuff that will utilize this API. This is a much needed (long ovedue) feature for WordPress and I’m really excited for a standard, well done implementation vs. the hacks we’ve all been rolling independently.

  5. Explaining to the phone how to be a CTO →

    I’m listening even more closely to things like this these days. Especially from folks like Kellan.

    I’ve also toyed with the idea of using drive time to record audio for blogging or podcasting. My experience with Siri’s dictation in the car has been abysmal.

  6. With Deft Hands He Makes It →

    Perhaps the best feature of the new design though, is how it removes itself completely from the reading experience. Posts on the new Repose are more intimate and flow better as a result.

    Whenever I create something, I dream of getting responses like this. So humbling and gratifying.