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  1. The Making of Rands in Repose

    I’ve put up a detailed post on the Crowd Favorite blog that outlines the approach, process and execution phases of our redesign of Rands in Repose (and conversion of the site from Moveable Type to WordPress). We’re putting a bunch of good content up on the Crowd Favorite blog these days. There are already a…

  2. UX Panel at WordCamp Denver

    I will be moderating a panel on user experience at WordCamp Denver this weekend. I hope to see you there. If you’ve got ideas for topics you’d like to see us cover, please post them in the comments. I can’t promise we’ll cover them all, but it’s always nice to know we’re touching on topics…

  3. Drafts Dropdown and MP6

    If you’re using my Drafts Dropdown plugin and the MP6 admin UI plugin, you probably want to grab the latest from this feature branch. This updates Drafts Dropdown’s styling to better match the styling in MP6. This post is part of the project: Drafts Dropdown. View the project timeline for more context on this post.

  4. WordPress 3.6 Contributor T-shirts

    WP 3.6 Contributor

    I distributed t-shirts to the members of my team that got patches in for WordPress 3.6 in our monthly team meeting today. We do this for each major release to encourage involvement in the community and to help continually build a better WordPress.

  5. WordCamp SF 2013

    I had a great time, as usual, at WordCamp SF. It’s a pleasure to connect and reconnect with people in person. I had the privilege of participating on a panel discussion that was pretty well received. The video isn’t quite up on WordPress.tv yet, but I’ll post when it is. I was flattered to have…

  6. My Biggest Take-Aways from WordCamp San Francisco 2013 →

    My biggest take-aways from WordCamp San Francisco 2013 were:

    • 2 water bottles
    • 4 t-shirts
    • 10 stickers
    • 2 pair of sunglasses

    …but seriously, the sessions I attended were great and I was able to see the direction that the WordPress project and community are headed. All while having some serious (and fun) discussions (with beverages).

    I only got a single t-shirt and water bottle (thanks Nick!), and a couple of pairs of sunglasses that my daughter’s stuffed animals are enjoying.

    A definite +1 from me on the evolution of development best practices and growth in the project leadership. I expect WordPress development will look a lot different (for the better) at WordCamp SF 2014.

  7. RAMP 1.2 and a RAMP Post ID Meta Conversion Plugin

    We released an update to RAMP yesterday to address a compatibility issue introduced in WordPress 3.5.2 as well as adding support for the post locking feature that will be arriving in WordPress 3.6 and addressing a few other issues. This is a recommended upgrade for all customers. We also released the RAMP Post ID Meta…

  8. Introducing Ruby gems: Capistrano-WP and Steps →

    Capistrano-WP is a Ruby gem containing recipes for deploying, rolling back, and maintaining remote WordPress installations with Capistrano.

    We’ve been investing quite a bit in our internal tools over the last year or so. It is awesome to be able to spin up a project locally, with good data, in minutes. It’s even cooler when you can run a simple command to update the staging environment, make updates to the master database or pull down the latest master database.

    People frequently ask if RAMP can push plugin and theme changes as part of it’s deployment process. The reason we’ve focused solely on making RAMP a WordPress content migration tool is because there are already so many good tools for code deployment.

    I’m very pleased we got our wrapper to the point it was ready for public release. Need help with getting a good deployment strategy in place for WordPress? We can help.

  9. GitHub Activity WordPress Plugin

    I wanted to better expose stuff I’m doing on GitHub that I may not be actvely blogging about1, so I decided to pull in my GitHub activity feed and show it in the Projects page sidebar. I created a WordPress plugin for this that includes a shortcode and sidebar widget. I’ve submitted it to WordPress.org,…