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  1. Twitter Tools 3.0.4: Twitter v1.1 API Compatibility

    I’ve released Twitter Tools version 3.0.4 which now uses the Twitter v1.1 API. Since Twitter has turned off the 1.0 API, this is pretty much a “must upgrade” situation. If Twitter Tools has been active for you over the last few days, you’ll need to do a little cleanup: enable the Tweet admin screens delete…

  2. Social 2.9.1

    We’ve released version 2.9.1 of Social; a WordPress plugin from MailChimp that gives you these great features: broadcasting your posts to Facebook and Twitter allows commenters on your site to log in with Facebook or Twitter allows comments on your site to be broadcast to Facebook or Twitter pulls in reactions from Facebook and Twitter…

  3. WordPress Turns 10

    It’s been quite a ride over the last decade and it will be fun to see what the next 10 years have in store. Check out the anniversary posts from WordPress co-founders Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg.

  4. Capsule Hotkeys and Background Queue

    It’s been very gratifying to see people continuing to discover Capsule this week, and seeing it resonate with them. This was typed into the demo earlier today: This software is an example of a thing that everyone wants but doesn’t exist until a great idea suddenly comes and voila! it appears! There are a couple…

  5. Capsule Reaction and My Usage

    Quite simply, the reaction to Capsule has far exceeded my hopes. I’m thrilled. As Capsule is a product in a nascent category, my biggest concern was that people wouldn’t immediately see the benefits it could provide. That clearly has not been the case. Capsule appears to be a solution to a problem people (at least…

  6. Capsule, The Developer’s Code Journal


    I’m very pleased today to announce the release of Capsule, the developer’s code journal. Capsule replaces the scratch document you have open when you’re coding. Instead of throwing away those notes, code snippets, API responses, ad-hoc todo lists, and outlines, Capsule creates an archive of your development artifacts. Capsule is a free, Open Source (GPL)…

  7. Scared Straight

    I woke up to a bit of a scare when some of my alexking.org Gmail accounts were unable to log in to Gmail. I was afraid the accounts had been compromised and the passwords changed. I had secure passwords, but had been lazy about turning on 2-factor authentication for several of them – that’s all…

  8. Any icon artists out there interested in creating an application icon for a free (GPL) WordPress-based app that @crowdfavorite is working on?

  9. Backward Compatible WP Heartbeat API Usage

    I wanted to utilize the WP 3.6 heartbeat API in an app I’m working on. I also wanted to include this feature before WordPress 3.6 officially shipped, so that meant it had to be compatible with WordPress 3.5.x as well. Turns out, it’s really easy. The heartbeat API looks excellent. View the code on Gist.

  10. Announcing Threads


    I’ve just released an initial beta of Threads, a WordPress plugin I’ve been working on for about a year. The idea is simple: show posts that comprise a single overall story/topic in a timeline. Then link to that timeline from the posts so that your readers have a chance to get more historical context about…

  11. Social 2.8

    Social 2.8 (courtesy of MailChimp) was released today. This release was primarily to change over to using version 1.1 of Twitter’s API. Why should you care? Well, for one thing – the 1.0 API was starting to break and not get repaired in places. For example, you might have noticed that Social was no longer…

  12. The WordPress Community Offers Advice to Beginners →

    I was flattered to have been asked by Siobhan to contribute an tip for her article – this tip is something I believe is important when starting to work with any platform. You always use a system more effectively when you understand how it works.

    Use the Codex to get you pointed in the right direction, but always go to the actual core code as well. There are many good reasons for this, but the most important is that the documentation says what the code is supposed to do, while the code says what it actually does.

    Documentation can also lag behind the actual code (especially when core patches are merged in).

    Also, reading the code is a serendipitous opportunity. While looking at one thing, you may see several others that are helpful immediately, and some that might stick in your memory for future use.

  13. Envato vs. Mac App Store

    Tuesday’s discussion got me thinking about the differences between Envato’s marketplace and Apple’s Mac App Store.   Mac App Store Envato Developer’s revenue share 70% 33% (or 50-70%if “exclusive”) Also sell your products on your website or other marketplaces? Yes Yes @ 33%,No @ 50-70% Who chooses your software’s license Developer Envato Who sets the…

  14. Backflip Studios

    Backflip Studios

    Crowd Favorite recently helped Backflip Studios launch a great new WordPress-powered website. Backflip makes mobile games, and they have awesome artwork. It’s always a treat to work with beautiful content. This was a pretty straight-forward WordPress CMS site. We created a custom post type for their games so they can easily manage them (and add…