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  1. That thing where you make a decision you’re a little unsure of and then 5 great things fall right in line with it.

  2. “Get moving, as we expect Thursday to roll in sometime later tonight.” I really enjoy my emails from @FieldNotesBrand

  3. Twice: the number of times in the last week I’ve searched Google for a solution and been directed to a page on my own site.

  4. I’ll just lie down here to make sure this couch doesn’t go anywhere.

    Possibly related: excellent Crowd Favorite holiday party last night.

  5. Panasonic Lumix GX-7 micro-review: so good I plan to sell my Canon Rebel T2i (and the lenses I’ve accumulated over the last 10 years).

  6. “Rockin’ robin (Tweet, Tweet Tweet)”

    How long until the next generation is asking why the robin is on Twitter?

  7. Is there a quote database/website that has beautiful typography and minimal design/ads? You know, one you’d actually want to link to…