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  1. Heading out to WordCamp Orange County – looking forward to seeing some of you there. #wcoc

  2. Got my first flat tire today. Naturally, in the midst of an impressive rainstorm.

    I suppose 1 in 22 years isn’t bad.

  3. Crowd Favorite is hiring! We’re looking for PHP devs in particular – bonus points for folks in the Denver area w/ experience with Ruby for automation tools (Capistrano).

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  4. Just had to change to another set of headphones mid-song because of lack of high-end balance in the first set. Concerned this is an early symptom of audiophilia nervosa.

  5. Reached the point in the project where the code is in my brain long after I close the computer. Even tried chasing it away with a Manhattan.

  6. I know I’ve said this before but it makes me nervous when things work the first time after a big code change/refactoring.