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Another month, another $1.26 spent on S3 for cloud backup storage. I love AWS.

We pushed out an updated version Analytics360 last night for @MailChimp – fixes some “in the wild” issues in 1.0.

Analytics360° 1.1

I’m pleased to announce that version 1.1 of Analytics360°, a great WordPress plugin from MailChimp that provides awesome Google and MailChimp analytics data and visualizations in your WordPress admin, is now available. Download it here This release addresses a handful of issues that were reported in version 1.0, and has been well received in testing…

Just deactivated CS3 on the PowerMac – I guess I’ll use CS2 on that since it isn’t Intel and use CS3 on my Intel machines.

Using S3 Browser since Transmit doesn’t want to show me the files in my S3 account. Locked in by Transmit -> Coda ftp site import fea …

Configuring S3 backups on CRON from the new server. Time spent setting up (and testing) automated backups is time well spent. Even on Sunday

Adobe CS3 generated .png files seem to be smaller than the .gif files it generates. A nice reversal since CS1.

1.5 months later, still waiting for my Adobe CS3 order to arrive. Adobe says they hope to have it in stock soon. *sigh*

Kicked off nearly 2GB of Adobe CS3 trial downloads (just Ai and Ps) while I continue to wait impatiently for my official copy of CS3.

Dear Adobe, I ordered CS3 over a month ago. How about sending a download URL and license key via e-mail?

Rsyncing source development files (.PSDs) to S3. S3 and Strongspace are becoming more prominent tools in my toolbox.