1. The Difficulty of Selling Software →

    The question for Oracle and other companies that derive the majority of their income from software, rather than with software, is whether there are signs underneath the surface revenue growth that might reveal challenges to the sustainability of those businesses moving forward.


    Consumer software, enterprise software: it doesn’t much matter. It’s all worth less than it was. If you’re not adapting your models to that new reality, you should be.

    Most of the software I see being commercialized today is done so via services and other means. I still like the “direct selling of software” model, but I don’t see any point in swimming upstream on it.

  2. The Programmer Productivity Paradox →

    That is why developers that plan their code before using the keyboard tend to outperform other developers.

    I’m a big plan of pre-coding planning. There are 2 things I do when doing development:

    1. thinking
    2. coding

    Things go best when I’m not doing both of them at the same time. I use Capsule to help me with the thinking part, then switch over to my editor to get coding.

  3. Work Backwards

    Relating to yesterday’s post on inertia, I wanted to pass on another nugget I’ve learned about how to approach and define problems: working backwards. I’ve found this to be useful in both technical and business situations and I use it all the time. Basically, start with the end result you want, and figure out how…

  4. Just Start

    Over the last few months I’ve been playing Flow Free, a popular iOS game (there’s an Android version too). It’s my type of game, a casual puzzle game that I can pick up and put down whenever I want. I’ve also found the game to be an interesting metaphor. Too often I see smart people…

  5. An Open Letter to Email Client Developers

    Dear Email Client Developers, If you allow your users to send an email with more than 10 email addresses visible in the TO or CC lines without throwing up a warning that says: Hey, this is a bad idea. People will likely be upset that you just sent their email address to all the people…

  6. OneNote To Rule Them All →

    Nice rundown by Justin. I’m still not using a “digital junk drawer” app – they all seem too laden with navigation to make getting to what I want efficient. I’m content with my NVAlt + Dropbox sync + Mobile apps and an “all text all the time” solution for now.

  7. Why I Recommend Writing For At Least An Hour A Day →

    But some form of regular writing is one of the best ways to give yourself time for reflection and analysis.

    This is the main reason I’ve been blogging for the last dozen years. I’ve also found that the benefits extend to coding – writing out what I need to clarifies it for me and helps me identify edge cases and additional things I need to consider. It gives me space to really think about the problem. I use Capsule to journal my coding.

  8. He knew he was wrong →

    If a cadet did something better than normal, his next attempt at the task would in all likelihood not be as good, whether or not he was praised. In the same way, if he performed unusually badly, his next attempt would probably be better, whether or not he was criticised. The trainer was attaching a causal interpretation to the fluctuations of a random process; simple regression to the mean.

    (thanks Micah)

  9. Every New Hire Has Three Jobs

    At Crowd Favorite we’re getting ready to hire several developers. I’ve been told that our on-boarding process can be stressful, but I’ve also been told that this is the case for most high performing teams. I’d like to smooth the path a little for our new hires, so I’m going to try a new approach.…

  10. Finally emailed Hover to start the process of transferring my domains to them. The reminders in my podcasts did make a difference.

  11. Lessons From Inbox Zero

    I’m a month in on INBOX ZERO. It’s been a good experience. I spend less time staring at a list of things I need to deal with at some point and am only looking at new things that need attention. I like not having a backlog of things sitting on my shoulders weighing me down.…