1. Finally emailed Hover to start the process of transferring my domains to them. The reminders in my podcasts did make a difference.

  2. Lessons From Inbox Zero

    I’m a month in on INBOX ZERO. It’s been a good experience. I spend less time staring at a list of things I need to deal with at some point and am only looking at new things that need attention. I like not having a backlog of things sitting on my shoulders weighing me down.…

  3. Is WordPress the Right Tool for the Job?

    I recently got an email that asked: Do you ever question whether WordPress is the correct CMS for something? I am a big WordPress fan too and I’ve solved some really cool content management challenges with it but there are times when I think, this site would probably be faster and more efficient if it…

  4. You’re paying to speak →

    This sort of entitlement crap really irks me. No one is making you speak at a conference; it’s a choice. Expenses covered or not is just something you need to factor in when agreeing to be a speaker.

  5. How I’d Make an iPad Pro


    I’m all in on the iPad, but as noted previously I largely agree with Lukas Mathis that it’s currently a tool best used for consumption. That said, I also believe that the future of computing looks more like an iPad and less like a laptop for most normal users. Looking at how Apple has taken…