1. To: Family & Friends

    Date: August 4, 2014

    Subject: Clinical trial, day one

    Hi Everyone, I’m getting started on my clinical trial today. It’s a combination of an infusion (every 2 weeks, like before) and a pill that I take twice a week. The trial drugs are attempting to block the cancer cells from continuing to grow by signal blocking at two different levels. They refer to this…


  2. Just learned how to use Compare mode in Adobe Lightroom. Why I never bothered to do this in the past I have no idea. Well executed feature.

    Pro tip: click on the Candidate image to have keyboard shortcuts (like reject) apply to that image.

  3. Which smartwatch should you buy? →

    Right now, the Pebble takes the lead over Android Wear, but it’s likely that far better things are right around the corner, and the smart move might just be to wait for those.

    I’m not wearing my Pebble all of the time because of the way it looks. But when I don’t wear it, I’m missing notifications (I don’t feel my phone buzz when I’m wearing shorts instead of jeans). The iWatch can’t get here fast enough.

  4. Oh, Dear!

    We got accosted by a deer while on a walk this afternoon. Apparently deer will attack dogs. The deer obviously could not have cared less about me.

  5. Achieving Zen With Auto Layout – The Book →

    Also check out his follow-up post.

    You can purchase Achieving Zen With Auto Layout today and get access to a PDF of the current state of the book, as well as a private GitHub repository where I am writing and storing all the sample code as I go. So far this has proven to be a wonderful way to write, because buyers of the book are able to provide direct feedback to me about the book so I can iron out any confusion or missing things I may not have thought of during my first draft.

    I had a chance to talk with Justin about this approach the other day. I love it. I expect this type of interactive approach to creating technical books become more and more popular.