1. How I’d Make an iPad Pro


    I’m all in on the iPad, but as noted previously I largely agree with Lukas Mathis that it’s currently a tool best used for consumption. That said, I also believe that the future of computing looks more like an iPad and less like a laptop for most normal users. Looking at how Apple has taken…

  2. iPhone Cases


    I’ve never had a case or bumper on any of the 6 iPhones I’ve owned. About a month ago I dropped my iPhone while I was stupidly holding it to take a picture in the same hand that also held the dog leash. It fell about 5 feet and landed corner first on the sidewalk;…

  3. Day 3 of INBOX ZERO.

    Couldn’t do it for the previous 10+ years. The biggest enabler? Getting fewer emails as I step into the CTO role.


  4. On Selling Crowd Favorite

    On Friday Karim and I signed the final papers to bring my Crowd Favorite team together with his VeloMedia team. Whew! I’ve told the story of how I came to build Crowd Favorite countless times. I tell it on podcasts and in on-stage interviews, to candidates during the recruitment and interview process, to folks who…