1. TIL: If you leave it to run overnight, Dropbox really will finish syncing 250k+ files to a new machine.

  2. Designing for Humans — Accounting for Inclusivity and Accessibility

    Dave does a really nice job calling out things with a nice mix between “gentle nagging” and “teaching”. If everyone who makes things spent 6 minutes watching this video and then let it seep into their consciousness, I believe they would inherently ask more questions and consider more conditions as they strive to create a…

  3. The golf world finally getting what they want with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy playing together at The Masters on Sunday.

    Sadly, chasing from 10 shots back.

  4. I can’t convince my Apple TV to reliably AirPlay or play music from iCloud or rented movies from iTunes, but it handles MLB.tv like a champ.

  5. Why I’m Buying a Macbook →

    Steve and I have been drooling over this machine for a month now. Mine is also on order, and I am not feeling particularly patient about it. Hurry up and get here!

    UPDATE: Steve calls out two features that other reviews haven’t spent much time on:

    1. The power brick is absurdly tiny and light compared to Apple’s other laptop chargers. This is a huge benefit for anyone who carries a charger with them, though the 9 hours of battery life means this probably only happens for me when I’m traveling.
    2. USB C is the new kid on the block now, but it looks to have the kind of early inertia that can propel it to becoming a new standard for both Apple and non-Apple laptops sooner rather than later.
  6. So the retail Apple Store has the MacBook on tables to try out but if you want to buy one you have to order it online.

  7. First New Monitor Since 2008

    Since December 2008 I’ve been using the same Dell 30″ display. Today I upgraded to a Samsung 34″ curved display in anticipation of getting a new MacBook tomorrow. I might have been able to get the dual-link DVI to talk to an HDMI port via a variety of dongles and adapters, but a native HDMI…

  8. Pretty sure we’re watching the best two teams in the tournament with this Kentucky vs. Wisconsin matchup.

  9. Hoodie

    Monarchy hoodie

    Yes, I’m already sporting new swag. I love that you can order one-offs from CustomInk.1 Full disclosure, CustomInk has sponsored this site in the past. ↩

  10. Returning to My Indy Roots


    Back in September I went on medical leave at Crowd Favorite. That ended on March 15th and due to a number of reasons, I’m not going to be re-joining the team in my previous capacity. Instead, I will be an advisor to Crowd Favorite while I return to my independent developer roots.1 The largest factor…

  11. Cable modem goes down. I finally boot up my Android phone to tether with it and the cable modem comes back.

    I need to remember this solution for the future.