1. Heading out to WordCamp Orange County – looking forward to seeing some of you there. #wcoc

  2. DiskWave →

    DiskWave is a free disk usage utility for Mac OS X. It helps you determine what files and folders consume most of your disk space.

    This looks handy. (thanks One Thing Well)

  3. WP Think Tank →

    I will be participating in the WP Think Tank round table discussion next Thursday. The panel group is fantastic – I’m quite looking forward to it.

  4. Got my first flat tire today. Naturally, in the midst of an impressive rainstorm.

    I suppose 1 in 22 years isn’t bad.

  5. Crowd Favorite is Hiring

    We’ve got a ton of great stuff going on at Crowd Favorite right now. We are hiring for front and back end web developers, and we just put out a call for junior developers. While our first preference is to continue expanding our offices in Denver, Los Angeles (and Orange County), Las Vegas and Bucharest,…

  6. HTML5 Colorado Flag T-shirt


    A couple of years ago I got some Colorado State flag HTML5 t-shirts printed up.1 Since then, a number of folks have asked about getting them so I set up a TeeSpring. They will be on sale in mens and womens sizes for $15 for the next 2 weeks. We need 50 orders for them…