Suggested Workflow

Here is the workflow I'd recommend with photos:

1) dump the flash memory to a dated directory (for example YYYY-MM-DD), each file named by the camera.

2) go to the Add Folder page in photos, enter the relative URL to the new directory you just created (for example gallery_photos/2003-01-01/) and hit 'Apply'.

3) Review the thumbnails of the photos you selected, enter common metadata about the photos (set 'Add Details Later' on or off) and hit 'Save'

Now you have the group of photos loaded in the database, each populated with the common metadata. Assuming you left the 'Add Details Later' box checked, we can now add data to each photo individually.

4) hit the 'Add Details' button in the menu and it will feed you photos until there are no more that need details added.

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Last Modified: January 15, 2004 @ 7:37 pm