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Safari’s Naked Tabs

I’ve been using Safari as my primary browser as a trial on my Lion machine. The number one thing I can’t get over is the lack of favicons in tabs. When I get 5+ tabs open, picking the right tab is a total crapshoot. Especially since Safari introduced opening tabs adjacent to the current tab…

Safari is more polished, but I prefer Chromium because I’ve become dependent on the “AwesomeBar” feature from Firefox.

Compatibility issues with jQuery and IE and Safari 3 (beta). Starting over and debugging every step of the way. Ditch jQuery? Hope not…

*sigh* All my code was right, it is Safari’s busted caching system that is borking things. Moving on to workarounds.

Really surprised that Safari/Win uses Aqua widgets. Looks great though.

Firefox, Safari and IE 6 will push a floated div to the next line before text-wrapping the content within the div. IE 7 does the opposite.

On Safari

I used Safari as my primary browser for a little over a week. Disclaimer: I was not a fan of Safari before this and have used Chimera/Camino as my primary browser for several years. This post has my notes from the experience. The transition to Safari was pretty easy. LaunchBar already indexes my bookmarks, so…


Erik is challenging me to give Safari another chance, I’m going to take him up on it. I’m setting Safari as my default browser1 for the rest of the year, and I’ll try to keep some notes on the experience. I’ve actually never used Safari for long as my main browser before. [back]

Safari Search Boxes

I ran across a surprising little feature in Safari. If you change a standard: <input type=”text” /> field to a “search” box like so: <input type=”search” /> In Safari, it is magically transformed from a standard input field to a “search box”. It can also have added functionality like remembering previous searches with an extra…