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TechStars Boulder Early Application Deadline: Feb 26th

If you’re planning to apply for TechStars Boulder for this summer (2012), make sure you’ve got your application ready to go for the early application deadline in 2 weeks. It’s been amazing to see TechStars grow and thrive as it has. The experience offered to the teams and the quality of the mentors is remarkable;…

TechStars: Reality TV Show →

TechStars on TV – unreal. I am cautiously optimistic and hope that the cameras do justice to the great folks involved here.

UPDATE: Just saw a commercial for this on Monday Night Football (ESPN) – I sure hope David will still take my emails now that he’s a big TV star. 😉

TechStars Boston Deadline: Jan 11, 2010

If you’re interested in applying to TechStars Boston for 2010 – make sure to get your application in by the January 11, 2010 deadline. This will be the second year of TechStars in Boston, and the first year of TechStars in Seattle. If you have a startup idea that you want to succeed, you’ll be…

Agreeing to meet with a TechStars team next week. I like it when they take the initiative to get in touch.

About to head up to TechStars – I’m on a panel tonight, talking about blogging.

Mentoring at TechStars

I spent today in Boulder meeting with several of the TechStars groups. As a mentor I’m basically a resource they can bounce ideas off, get feedback from and use to network. I hope I was successful in providing this to the groups I met with today. I look forward to seeing their progress next time…