Commissioner's Note
In the even of a strike/work stoppage:

If the season is cut short, we will basically look at the season as a percentage of a complete season: games played/162. For the examples below, we will pretend that the league completed 107 games (66%). For the official status of how many games were completed, we'll use the Mariners schedule because they are my favorite team and are winning the AL West with a rejuvenated offense now that Edgar is back in the lineup.

Winnings: We will pay out a percentage of the winnings, not the entire amount. The rest of the money will be either refunded to each team, or put towards next season (their choice). 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will each receive 66% of the amount they would have gotten had the season been completed. Since we didn't complete the season, it doesn't seem right to pay out all of the money as planned. However since the money was put in for this season's team, not paying out this year doesn't seem fair either. The teams atop the standings should be rewarded.

Innings: We have a limit of 1350 innings for the entire year. Some teams are on a projected pace to go over this mark, some are under. Again we will take a percentage of the innings (66% of 1350 = 900) and any stats you gained for innings you have used over that amount will be deducted from your team and the standings recalculated accordingly. This will have to be done manually, but looking at the league right now, it is definitely do-able.

Games/Position: If you have exceeded the percentage of the games limit at a position, we will deduct those stats as well. I don't believe this currently applies to anyone.

Trading Deadline: If there is a work stoppage, trades and adds/drops are suspended. If the season is resumed, adds/drops and trades are reinstated. The trade deadline may be extended depending on what MLB does with the schedule. Any trades you are planning to make, be aware of this possibility.


Wanted to post the stuff that should be noted somewhere so that there is not confusion:

DL: You must make a roster change in order to have a legal roster within 24 hours of when a player plays in a game after coming off the DL.

Trades: I will approve all trades the evening they are agreed on unless there is some sort of obvious collusion between teams.

Rental trades (a trade with an agreement to trade back) are not permitted. The trade back will be vetoed.

Money Distribution:

1st Place: $175
2nd Place: $50
3rd Place: $25

In the event of a tie, the money is split evenly between the two managers. In a tie for first place, they split the 1st and 2nd place share evenly - a tie for 3rd place the two managers split the 3rd place share evenly, etc.