Snake Eyes 600T Review – Loving It

I played my first round of golf with the new driver this weekend. I played at Coyote Creek, a Jack Nicklaus course that (like most Nicklaus courses) is a great driving course. I hit the driver on almost every par 4 and par 5.

My average driving distance with my old driver was about 245 yards. I had it built when my swing speed was about 90-95mph and when I was fitted for my new driver I discovered that my swing speed has jumped to 100-105mph. The new driver has a stiffer and slightly longer shaft and an 80cc larger head (300 to 380).

After using it for one round in a 5-15 yard wind (it was mostly a hurting wind), my average driving distance was a whopping 270 yards! I had 2 drives of 290 yards and on the 18th I cut the corner just a little and carried a bunker 250 yards away.

This is an entirely new experience for me. I can finally swing my driver hard and keep it going in the right general direction. 😎