Park Hill Golf Course (Denver, CO)

Park Hill Golf Course is just north of City Park Golf Course. This is a generally flat course that is pretty wide open without too much trouble. This is a good course to bring new golfers too, similar to the Palo Alto Golf Course back in the Bay Area.

The green fees are reasonable and the course was in decent (but not excellent) shape when we played it. There are a couple of par 4’s that are driveable depending on the wind. #9 is 307 and pretty straight away. Unfortunately, I’ve overswung each time I’ve gotten there and really screwed up the tee shot. I think I can reach the 325 yard #12 too if the wind is behind me. It’s a little dog-leg right with trees along the right side. I came up about 10 yards short trying to cut the corner over the trees with a little draw into the wind.

Their logo is a red fox and sure enough, a little red fox followed us for a few holes and we could see him roaming around the course on several occasions.