My Swing

Here are video clips of my swing with a 7-iron and a driver. There is a version at regular speed and a version in slow motion of each.

7-iron Swing

Driver Swing

There are some things I like and some things I don’t about my swing.

The Good

  • I’m shifting my weight behind the ball better.
  • I’m not taking the club so far past parallel.
  • I’m making a good shoulder turn.
  • The ball is generally going in the right direction.

The Bad

  • I’m not in my knees enough and straightening my back leg on my backswing.
  • I’m still taking the club back a little more than I’d like.
  • My hands are a little too far back when I make contact with the ball.
  • I’m coming up a little in my backswing and my head is moving down on the downswing (like Tiger). I’d rather stay level (like Ernie).
  • My left foot is moving and re-planting when I swing the driver.
  • I’d like to be moving my weight forward a little better, that would probably help my hand position.
  • The swing is still a little loose, needs tightening up.