Sonartec MD 21 degree

At the same time I got the new wedges, I also replaced my KZG utility wood with a stiff flex Sonartec MD 21 degree.

The Sonartec is about 2 inches shorter than the KZG, and sets up more like an iron with a deeper face. I swing it more like an iron too, rather than the deeper body KZG that swung best when hit like a metal wood. There is something about the Sonartec that feels really solid to me.

The main reason I wanted to replace the KZG was that I just didn’t hit it well consistently. I often hit it a little fat, and with the low profile head I’d get a little pop-up. I also had this trouble hitting it from the tee or out of the rough. The shorter shaft and more iron-like face on the Sonartec has worked better for me.

I’ve hit the Sonartec from the tee, fairway and rough so far. In general, I’ve hit it where I was aiming – which is the whole idea; a club you can rely on to keep the ball in play. I’ve averaged about 235-240 (at elevation) with it, including a 270 yard drive that got a good 25 yards of downhill carry. I’ve also it it 220 from the rough, so I’m getting the distrance I want from the club – filling the gap between my 4 iron and my 3 wood.

I’m actually considering getting a Sonartec 3 wood as well because I like this club so much. :)