What’s in the Bag

I’m quite happy with the clubs in my bag right now. I started buying bargains and closeouts, but over the last 2-3 years, when my swing has been consistent enough to do so, I have been replacing them with clubs that really fit my swing.

  • DriverTaylorMade r7 425 w/ stiff RE-AX shaft, 280-325 yards and I’m keeping it in play when I keep my swing under control.
  • 3-wood – Sonartec NP99 15 degree w/ stiff Aldila NV-75 shaft, 265-285 yards. This is the club I mis-hit most often, when I don’t put a good swing on it.
  • HybridSonartec MD 21 degree with stiff ProForce iRod , 245-255 yards off the tee and in the fairway most of the time.
  • Irons, 4-PWPing i5’s with stiff CS Lite shafts, PW 155 yards – 4-iron 230 yards. 1/2″ over and 4 degrees upright. Forgiving on occasional mis-hits.
  • Wedges, 50-54-58 degree – Ping Tour wedges with stiff CS Lite shafts, 58 degree 110 yards – 50 degree 140 yards. 1/2″ over and 4 degrees upright.
  • Putter – Mizuno T.P. Mill Workshop #4, 35″ length.

Getting fit for the Ping irons last year was a bit of a revelation for me. A few months after getting the i5s I replaced my wedges with a set of Ping wedges with matching specs. This equipment change virtually eliminated my most common iron/wedge fault – the weak, high shot that falls short and right. The 4 degrees upright took that shot (along with my toe-deep divots) right out of my game.

The driver change this year has virtually eliminated the hook I was having trouble with off the tee. I mentioned this to the pro at my local course and he commented he thinks people fight their driver too long – should try a new one sooner.

If your swing is consistent enough, I think getting fit for clubs is one of the smartest things you can do for your game. The only bummer now is that I don’t really get any gear lust in the golf store anymore. 😉

Note: All yardages are at Colorado elevation.