HiBore XL vs. HiBore

I just played my first round with the HiBore XL (thanks Erik) after using the original HiBore for the last year or so. The HiBore XL is 9.5 degree, with the red/stiff Fujikara shaft.

There are 3 main differences I’m seeing between the new HiBore XL and the original HiBore:

  1. The face is less shut at address, and it’s a lot easier to open it up a little.
  2. The added depth of the club does make the ball fly straighter. Bad shots (hooks) aren’t quite as bad.
  3. I can tee it higher to launch it higher and still get plenty of distance. I was able to get one up in the wind on a downwind par 4 today – end result about 390 in the fairway (remember, it’s at CO altitude too). :)

If you use the HiBore and any of the above sound like improvements you want, consider getting the XL.