alexfine Archives

  1. A $20 #alexfine for any software that steals focus when it shows a dialog. I’m typing an email or coding and dismiss it without seeing it.

  2. A $50 #alexfine to any web site that has their address in an image rather than in text that can be selected, copied and pasted into a map.

  3. A $10 #alexfine to Golf Galaxy for putting the wrong size grips on my clubs when they regripped them. Back to have them redone.

  4. I’m giving myself a $5 #alexfine for giving up on game 5 of the ALCS and missing all the excitement. I did wear my Sox shirt though.

  5. A $2 #alexfine to whoever replaced the toilet paper in the office restroom. Sheets flow down over the top, not from below. We’re not animals