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  1. @davepell Making sure you have time to get out an issue of Delivereads so we have something to escape to this weekend?

  2. RT @davepell: We invented cars and cell phones. So we created laws related to driving while texting.

    We need new laws for new guns.

  3. @davepell Find a few shots of big league hitters as they bring the bat through the zone – they all pretty much look the same at that point.

  4. @davepell what if each new dumb thing eclipses the previous one? Yes, this is me begging for you say this is the dumbest…

  5. I hope Internet Superhero and World Series attendee @davepell is thoroughly enjoying this. My invite was surely lost in the mail. ;)

  6. @davepell I see a drunk spending spree in the Apple Store in your future… get one of the new iPhones for me too.