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  1. @ethank I kinda forgot about Siri; try, fail, type instead has been all to often the result even when she was “working”.

  2. @ethank You have hit the drop down in the search field and search by clicking “Search in {Company Name}”. I nearly blogged this last week.

  3. @ethank iPhone 4S and iPad 2. I can’t remember the last time I had a crash on the iPad or my iPhone 4 before upgrading.

  4. @ethank Yes, but those patterns are pretty easy to vary and I don’t think 140 chars is enough to do reliable content-based filtering.

  5. @ethank I’m liking the 11″ Air more than I thought I would. With the high pixel density it’s as capable as the old 13″ Airs.

  6. @ethank 4 I think: Palm Pre, BlackBerry, Droid 2 & Pro. AT&T is so bad in Denver the iPhone just isn’t an option if you need voice service

  7. @ethank Using “fool me once” as a guide, your 4th Drobo sounds like a “shame on you” situation.