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  1. RT @sempf: QA Engineer walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders 0 beers. Orders 999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a sfdeljknesv.

  2. Current status: copying ~20,000 photos (dating back to 1999) to my new iPhone.

    I’d love a good iOS photo metadata search app.

  3. Who is going to do the evaluation and big feature matrix for iOS keyboards?

  4. RT @stevenf: So, don’t wipe your old phone until you generate new 2FA tokens for everything on your new phone (or you’re sure they migrated correctly).

  5. RT @WickedGood: Seen at my daughter’s classroom. Simple enough that second graders can understand it. Adults not so much.

  6. .@justin Couldn’t agree more with this. Not every app needs a browser, etc.

  7. After 10 years of living here I’m finally able to get cable internet access to the house (non-Comcast too!). Installation on Monday!