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  1. RT @rafeco: I still think publishing stuff on Medium rather than your own blog is for suckers, but maybe I’m just old fashioned.

  2. @servint Thanks for the reply – I’m afraid your offerings look a little rich for my needs at this time. /cc @plank

  3. Web developers that prevent[1] pasting into password fields can die in a fire.

    [1] For normal people that don’t hack the DOM.

  4. @davepell I liked it. It’s Echo Park, which it turned out I had already read years back.

  5. What is your recommended mouse these days? My rechargeable Logitech Performance MX is driving me nuts by doubling ~75% of my clicks.

  6. Filed under “I guess you can get used to anything”, drinking the oral contrast for my CT scan doesn’t seem so bad today.