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  1. Just received detailed instructions for caring for a seahorse stuffed animal. Including what to do if she gets hungry or starts whining.

  2. @burcaw that’s what I ordered too. Holding out for a nice 3rd party leather strap.

  3. Just happily paid for another 2 years of @FastMailFM service. I’ve been using them since 2004 and can’t recommend them highly enough.

  4. When using a framework, any framework: source code > documentation.

    Always read/reference the source.

  5. RT @rundavidrun: Imposter Syndrome: be honest with yourself about what you know and have accomplished & focus less on the difference.

  6. TIL: If you leave it to run overnight, Dropbox really will finish syncing 250k+ files to a new machine.

  7. RT @dewitt: Whomever at @espn thought the translucent, floating, augmented-reality strike zone was a good idea has never seen a baseball game before.