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  1. The golf world finally getting what they want with Tiger and Rory playing together at The Masters on Sunday.

    Sadly, from 10 shots back.

  2. Re-learning the “check Rotten Tomatoes before starting a movie” lesson. Again.

  3. So the retail Apple Store has the MacBook on tables to try out but if you want to buy one you have to order it online.

  4. @hoyboy First reaction is visceral and not at all in a pleasant way. But it does grow on you, especially as a representation of the event.

  5. Meetings, the practical alternative to work. “@rands: If the answer is “Have a meeting,” I humbly request a re-evaluation of the question.”

  6. Pretty sure we’re watching the best two teams in the tournament with this Kentucky vs. Wisconsin matchup.

  7. Cable modem goes down. Finally boot up Android phone to tether and cable modem comes back.

    Need to remember this solution for the future.

  8. RT @TheBigEasyofOz: Mathematically speaking, any two ducks are already in a row. In order to get your ducks in a row, own exactly two ducks.

  9. Recommended: seeing @garthbrooks in concert. I was thoroughly impressed by the energy he and his bandmates of 20+ years brought to the show.

  10. The gas station near my house recently replaced all their pumps. The new ones have these wonderful physical buttons.