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  1. Watching Star Wars IV with my 6 year old. She is wearing her Princess Leia dress and telling me what is going to happen before it happens.

  2. @stevenf IMO never was a good place for the back button. BlackBerry/Android give it a dedicated “hardware” button in the thumb area.

  3. iMessage feature request: show the recipient’s current time. I’d like to avoid buzzing a friend’s phone at night when they are in Europe.

  4. Both East and West NBA Conference Finals are between the #1 (Golden State, Atlanta) and #2 (Houston, Cleveland) seeds. Chalk!

  5. Tom Brady talking “Deflategate” in front of a background touting #flexball – you can’t make this stuff up.

  6. .@dwiskus not sure, I just slid out the Apple band and slid this in. It came with working connectors on the band.

  7. Giving this 3rd party band a go too. Apple has no love for classic brown leather.

  8. @skabber that bugs me so much I don’t use that watch face, even though aesthetically I like it best.

  9. Re-structuring CSS and JS files so that external libraries and override files flow cleanly through Gulp.

    Sorry ladies, I’m taken.

  10. NBA announcers, do we have players that can really “score the football” on the basketball court? Do we need the “basketball” distinction?