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  1. @gruber I’ve have my watch with Milanese loop for a week, still waiting for the white sport band I ordered at the same time to ship.

  2. @lizlongley I think my parents and sister are going to your show tonight. I told them to say hello. :)

  3. @justin I know they need to build the origin story for new audience members, but I would have been happy to jump straight to season two.

  4. @dwiskus Hmm. I wonder how many generations of the watch will have the same/compatible band slots. It will be like the connector brouhaha.

  5. @dlpasco I like that too, but I think I want something that handles both. Agreed on the Timber Catchall being the best of the bunch so far.

  6. Related: trying to turn my wrist the right way to trigger the screen to come on is my biggest annoyance with the Apple Watch so far.

  7. The fact that this generation Apple Watch has a screen that is off by default is going to seem ridiculous in a couple of years.