November 18, 2002

  1. b2 Since Last Visit v. 2

    I’ve updated my b2 Since Last Visit hack, adding a time period before the NEW indicators are reset and adding NEW indicators to the individual comments as well. This post is part of the project: Since Last Visit. View the project timeline for more context on this post.

  2. Per Game Stats and Rankings

    For those of you in my fantasy basketball league, I will be posting "per-game" stats on a weekly basis to help us see how the teams rank after adjusting for number of games played. The overall standings Yahoo! keeps are a bit skewed as some teams have used many more games than others have.

  3. Misc. Mac Tips (Chimera, Photo Tools)

    Here are some plugs for some nice digital photo utilities I have found useful. Curator is a great thumbnail browsing utility. It allows you to load a directory of photos and quickly glance through them. EXIF-O-Matic is a little utility that lets you view the EXIF data embedded in a digital photo. I find this…