One of the great things about moving close to the golf course is that it is really convenient to get out for lessons. I took my first last week and focused on making a better weight shift behind the ball, then turning through it on my drives. I’m getting much higher ball flight and generally straighter drives (I was fighing an occasional hook before, now I get a slight fade at times).

On the 18th hole (Par 5, 512 yards, slight dog-leg right) this morning, I hit perhaps the best drive I’ve ever hit. It carried some water as it cut the corner on the right leaving me with 180 yards to the hold. Of course the driver change has left my iron game a bit inconsistent so I only walked away with par, but watching that ball carry was pretty awesome. From where it landed, it must have carried 300+ in the air. That isn’t normal for me. Next week’s lesson will be all about fixing my long irons. :)