Listen to your RSS feeds on your iPod!

I have a reasonably long list of sites I’ve subscribed to via RSS, I have a 25 minute commute twice a day, I have NetNewsWire which includes text-to-speech, I have iTunes which supports playlists, I have AppleScript which can talk to NetNewsWire and iTunes and I have an iPod.

With all of this, I should be able to (through AppleScript) have NetNewsWire gather my news, speak the unread news, record the spoken news and save each news item as an audio file, create a new playlist in iTunes, add each audio file to the new playlist, then plug in my iPod, do the syncin’ thang and listen to my news in the car on the way to/from work.

It would be pretty darn cool, right?

Well Adam (the AppleScript guru) Tow and I have done it!

Here are some quick screenshots:

NetNewsWire screenshot

iTunes screenshot

Look for the initial public release of this script on Tuesday.

UPDATE: It appears this was not an original idea (although it did hatch in our brains too). It does appear that we are the first to implement this kind of solution.