Issues with tasks 1.8, PHP iCalendar and .htaccess

I knew that PHP iCalendar didn’t support 401 authentication for web calendars, but I didn’t realize it was going to be a problem with using the web cals from within the same .htaccess realm and it appears that it is. 🙁

At this point I don’t want to work around this. Having a live iCalendar feed is the right way to go rather than having to update a static file. I need PHP iCalendar to support 401 authentication (or find another app that does, don’t think there is one though).

I’ll get in touch with the PHP iCalendar folks and see where it is on their roadmap. Maybe I can help with a patch for it. Suggestions for other PHP based iCalendar apps that support 401 authentication are welcome.

3 weeks of beta testing on this release and as usual, this only gets reported once the actual :scare: release :/scare: goes out. 🙄

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