Tasks Releases

I’ve posted new beta releases of each version of Tasks:

Changes in all versions include:

Changes in Tasks 2.0b3 and Tasks Pro™ 1.1b4

  • Better handling of special characters in the iCalendars
  • ‘Today’ button for Date Due respects the time difference set in your preferences
  • Fixed a bug in the timer that appeared if you had a server time offset
  • Worked around a change in MySQL 4.1
  • Worked around an IIS/PHP issues with cookies and redirects.
  • Added link to the documentation in the sidebar
  • Added posting to a Drupal blog
  • Added more documentation

Changes in Tasks 2.0b3

  • The ‘Stay Here’ after save option is working properly again

tasks 1.8.6rc3

  • Changed the 401 authentication method in PHP iCalendar

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