Qwest.net DSL

My phone and DSL service from Qwest was hooked up in our new place yesterday. They provide an Actiontec DSL modem that is also a router and wireless (802.11g) hub. This was very easy to set up, and you configure the router through a browser which is very Mac friendly (even though the instructions were a bit lacking).

I was surprised that they tucked the wireless settings under an ‘Advanced Options’ area and warned you that you probably didn’t want to make changes in that area when you click to go in there. Anyway, I changed a few settings, reset the modem and was basking in the wireless goodness.

The connection speed is noticably faster than the connection I’ve been using in our current place. I downloaded the latest nightly build of Camino (6.6MB) in only 47 seconds. With my SMTP challenged Qwest/MSN DSL that same download takes 104 seconds. So a little more than twice is fast is good. 🙂

The only quirk I’ve found so far is I thought I told the router not to broadcast the SSID, but it is anyway. I’ll check on that later.

UPDATE: upload speed is listed in the comments.