WordPress All Grows Up

With the recent Moveable Type hubbub, WordPress has gotten a lot of new exposure. A number of ‘A-list’ bloggers are making the move or thinking of making the move. Matt has been keeping a nice log of some of the notable posts. I think it will be wonderful to get more smart people with good ideas contributing to the project.

I need to upgrade my site to the 1.2 beta so I can help with the QA process before the official release. I use different functionality than many of the other developers so in the past I’ve been able to find and help fix some previously undetected bugs.

I’m also going to be doing a custom WordPress install for a contract gig in the next few weeks which I’m really looking forward to. It’s been fun discussing the :scare: out of the box :/scare: WordPress features with the client. We want to use as much standard functionality as possible and the breadth of existing features in WordPress are making this very possible.