PHP 5 Compatibility

At the moment, I don’t think any of my PHP software will run on PHP 5. This isn’t that big a deal as most ISPs don’t even offer PHP 5 as an option (and won’t for a little while), but it is something I plan to work on. I’d read so much about the backward compatibility of PHP 5 with PHP 4 scripts, I foolishly expected it to work. 😉

One thing that I discovered in my brief testing: from within a class, you can no longer replace an object entirely. I have code in a class like this:

$this = foo($this);

that now throws a fatal error. I used this syntax with functions that would translate the encoding of a task, user, group, etc. and I’ll have to rewrite those. When I commented those lines out, things failed in a different way, so I’ll need to spend some time with it.

I don’t plan to support PHP 5 in the next release of Tasks Pro™ or Tasks, but I’d like to add PHP 5 support in a subsequent release.

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