Tasks Pro 1.2.1rc1 and Tasks 2.1.2rc1

While I’ve been working on Tasks Pro™ 1.5 (and the associated Tasks release), I’ve fixed a number of minor bugs that hadn’t been caught before the Tasks Pro™ 1.2 and Tasks 2.1.1 releases. I’ve packaged these bugs fixes in two new release candidate builds for Tasks Pro™ 1.2.1rc1 and Tasks 2.1.2rc1 respectively.

Here are the changes in both of these releases:

  • Fixed: Adding a slash to the mark complete notes is causing a logout.
  • Fixed: If you had the ‘Show task hierarchy’ option enabled and error reporting on, the iCalendar would not work properly.
  • Fixed: ‘Last Modified is exactly’ search criteria is broken.
  • Fixed: Login error message not being displayed.
  • Fixed: Return to search results from editing a task was not working properly.
  • Fixed: Setting a task percentage to 0 didn’t work from the edit multiple form.
  • Fixed: Info message displaying the time that a task is saved doesn’t respect server time offset preference.
  • Fixed: Use encodeURIComponent() instead of escape() to better handle UTF-8 encoded characters.
  • Fixed: The timer isn’t working properly in August.

These changes were only made in Tasks Pro™:

  • Fixed: The ‘User is allowed to edit tasks owned by others’ permission was correctly hiding edit links, but not preventing access.
  • Fixed: Task hierarchy is shown incorrectly in notification e-mails
  • Fixed: If a user’s view is selected on a list screen, that user’s view is incorrectly shown on the home screen
  • Fixed: The task heirarchy permissions in e-mail reminders are aren’t applied correctly for each user.

Please let me know how these work for you (especially any quirks you may run into) on the mailing lists.

I’ll be updating the Use Tasks accounts, demos and trials once the actual releases are done.

Note: The Tasks Pro™ 1.5 alpha has been temporarily removed because I didn’t figure I’d need to support 2 pre-releases at once when I was setting up my systems. It will be back after these releases are out.

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