BBEdit 8.0

Yay! BBEdit 8.0 has support for multiple documents within a single window!

I don’t know if my little concept had anything to do with it. I signed an NDA for them, but never heard anything after that or got any of the beta seeds.

I’ve just been testing it out and it’s extremely well done. You can drag files from one window to another, you can select files in the list and diff them. Big improvements!

Note: if you are buying BBEdit for the first time, don’t pay the $50 idiot tax. You can cross-upgrade from BBEdit Lite (their free version) for only $129.

UPDATE: If you’re trying to find your FTP Bookmarks after upgrading to the new version, you need to manually copy them from ~/Library/Preferences/BBEdit Preference/FTP Bookmarks to ~/Library/Preferences/com.barebones.bbedit.PreferenceData/FTP Bookmarks. I couldn’t find this anywhere in any release notes or manual. To look in the manual, I had to download an 8MB PDF file – shouldn’t that sort of thing be available online in HTML format?