Calendar Views

Most calendaring software have day, week and month views – pretty standard stuff. I use Apple’s iCal which has exactly these views. Since Tasks Pro™ (and Tasks) create iCalendars of scheduled tasks, I can see all of the things I need to do listed together with any appointments I have. Generally, what I want to see is what I have coming up in the next few days (week view, for “what do I need to do?”) or over the next few weeks (month view, for “what is my availability?”). I rarely use the day view at all.

On days like today (end of the week, end of the month), both the week and month views just don’t cut it. To see more than a day or two into the future, I need to move to the next week or the next month. When I do that, I can’t see what I’ve got going on today. Why can’t I see the week or month view starting from the day I want?

What I’d like is 2 new views: next 7 days (in the week view) and next 4 weeks (in the month view). Anyone else ever wish for this?