Tasks Pro™ 1.5rc4 and Tasks 2.5rc4

Release candidate 4 of Tasks Pro™ 1.5 and Tasks 2.5 are now available. These releases contain a larger change than I generally like to make this late in the game, but it seemed like it was important change to make.

Also of note, this release is available as a .zip archive as well as a .tar.gz archive for those of you who prefer to download larger archives – they are about 30% larger than the .tar.gz files.

These changes were made in both Tasks Pro™ and Tasks:

  • Added option not to use 401 auth (embed in URL instead)
  • Added a new Silver Fade theme
  • Added sample code to .htaccess file to block access to .inc.php files
  • Applied a potential fix for printing issues (including Safari crashing)
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed: Add slashes when duplicating a task template
  • Fixed: Check for infinite loops when editing parent in list form
  • Fixed: Order templates by name in the templates list
  • Fixed: Return to task template after deleting last task

This change was only made in Tasks Pro™

  • Fixed: Task templates not displayed properly by groups

These beta releases will expire on Feb 15th.

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