Successful Release!

Yesterday’s releases of Tasks Pro™ 1.5 and Tasks 1.5 have definitely surpassed my expectations.

So far, almost 25% of of my Tasks customers have purchased upgrades, as have 15% of my Tasks Pro™ customers. As the first major upgrade and the first paid upgrade for both products, I wasn’t completely sure how the paid upgrades were going to go over1. The quick upgrade purchases by so many customers have been a very welcome reception.

Besides demonstrating that my customers generally think the new features are worth the upgrade price, it has also shown me that (as I hoped) my software isn’t :scare: shelfware :/scare: . Several Tasks Pro™ customers also upgraded to a license for more users in the last few days.

I did get an e-mail from someone who missed the free upgrade date by a couple of weeks asking if I could be flexible with the free upgrade date. If I’d done the releases in December as originally planned (before I accepted some contract work), I’d probably have been more receptive. I think 2 months is a fair window to offer free upgrades – 5+ months certainly is. 😉

There were a couple of minor hiccups with the new site and systems yesterday (all easily and immediately fixed), but that is to be expected when you set 7 new systems live at once. So far, the new site and systems seem to be doing their job nicely. For example, 43 people have already used the ‘retrieve your license key’ feature. I figure that alone probably saved me at least an hour+ of time.

Unfortunately, the late nights last week as I prepared the new site and systems for the release seem to have caught up with me and I’ve been under the weather since Saturday. I hope this passes soon.

  1. Though I had run the information past a good number of customers to guage reaction. [up]

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