Dymo LetraTag QX50

Some new wiring in the basement, plus a general desire for organization prompted me to buy a label printer this weekend. After poking around a bit, my choice came down to the Brother PT-65 P-Touch (recommended by Jeremy Zawodny) and the Dymo LetraTag QX50. Both were ~$30 at the local Office Depot, so price wasn’t a deciding factor.

I picked the Dymo because:

  • I liked the ergonomics better – I can easily thumb-type on it (like you would with a Blackberry or Treo).
  • One less battery – it uses 5 batteries rather than 6. I hope they last a while.
  • 2-line printing – as I understand it, the Brother only prints a single line. Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but if it does print 2 line put the knock against their packaging/marketing that didn’t make this clear.

All in all, it does what I expected of it and it’s simple and easy to use.