The last couple weeks I’ve been having to do something I don’t much care for, excercise patience. 🙂 I’ve got the following things supposedly coming in this week:

  1. The set of golf clubs I ordered for my birthday (yes, back in September – I finally ordered a set that fits). I’m hoping they come in while it’s still warm out so I can use them a few times before winter.
  2. The blinds for the rooms in the basement (due last week – hopefully will be here today so I can install them tomorrow).
  3. The final furniture pieces for the basement (due last week, just heard it may be delayed for another month, ugh! There are a couple of gaping holes in the basement right now).
  4. The dual-core PowerMacs (due last week, now Wed.?) – I’ve been waiting for them for almost 2 months now, even got sufficiently tired of waiting that I was considering going w/ a PC instead.
  5. The mats to fit the frame (due this week) and print I ordered from Elco (the print came out pretty well).
  6. I need our contractor to come back and hang the rail for the bedroom closet in the basement so I can put in the closet organizer system (late this week or early next week).
  7. The painter needs to get the main house color painted so I can put up new light fixtures I bought last weekend (should be done this week).
  8. Lowes didn’t have a ‘1’ in the style of house numbers I wanted, so I had to order those online (should come in this week).
  9. Local HD stations over DirecTV – do I keep waiting for them to become available “in the next few weeks” as the installer claimed, or bite the bullet and buy an antenna?
  10. I can’t install the new screen door locks until the painter paints the screen door frames – also I bought left handed locks instead of right handed and have to exchange them, doh!

It’s irking me that I’ve got so much stuff incomplete and unresolved right now – I like to get things done. Especially since I’m reliant on others/deliveries/etc. to get these things off my list.