Sprint EV-DO with the Samsung A900

On the recommendation of a colleague, I upgraded my T608 bluetooth mobile connection to a Samsung A900 (on Sprint’s EV-DO network – they call it “Power Vision”). I finally got the phone provisionsed and wow – was he right! This connection is bloody fast!

The process was not without its hiccups:

  • I was first told by a rep that the “Power Vision” would not cost any extra – that is wrong. The minimum “Power Vision” plan is $15/month.
  • I called a Sprint store that had an A900 in stock, but would not sell it to me because this was not a “new activation”. Dear Sprint – this is not the way to make your customers feel valued.
  • Sprint was having issues getting the phone provisioned – it took quite a few hours.

However, now I’m connected at broadband speeds and am quite happy about it. Gotta love sneaking in those year end business expenses. 🙂