The new BlackBerry looks pretty darn sweet. With T-Mobile’s reasonable voice and data plans (though not quite as good as what I have with Sprint), I’m quite tempted to switch now rather than waiting for the Treo 700P.

I believe I’m outside my contract with Sprint, so I should be able to leave without hassle. I guess I’ll have to verify that one. 🙂

Everyone I know who has a BlackBerry really likes it, including several ex-Treo users. Conversely, I know a lot of Treo (and ex-Treo) users who have/had serious problems with their 600s and 650s.

My Palm T|X has more quirks and oddities than any other Palm device I’ve ever had. With the Palm OS sold off, I’m not feeling extremely confident in the platform these days. There’s a difference between “staying the course” and “going down with the ship”.

It also looks like there’s a chance that I could use a T-Mobile Blackberry while I’m in Europe – that would be quite handy.