Dirty Laundry

Sometimes it’s really hard to not tell your side of the story.

The recent drama around Rocketboom being played out in public is hurting the reputation of both Amanda Cogdon and Andrew Baron – whatever the real story is.

The same thing happened last month with PubSub, when information was broadcast that really should have stayed private. Bob Wyman even stated as much:

I recognize, as some have pointed out, that raising this issue in public will undoubtedly cause some cloud over my name for the rest of my career.

In start contrast, Scott Johnson managed to keep his mouth shut when he and Feedster :scare: parted ways :/scare: . Amidst massive speculation (and from all the rumors I heard, Scott would have had public opinion on his side), he resisted the temptation to air his dirty laundry and my respect for him grew as a result.

UPDATE: As a side note, Danny and I actually speculated about this exact possibility with Rocketboom over lunch last month.

UPDATE #2: I forgot that Amanda’s initial post got her a job offer. However, the second post was not so well received:

The whole thing is a mess and everyone winds up losing.

UPDATE #3: He said.